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At Grave's End - Jeaniene Frost March 16 2013
Reread, oh yeah, still love this series and Frosts writing. Vlad was yummy, Tate still a prick, Poor Mencheres. DIE PATRA DIE...dumb whore.

The characters who died weren't important to me. These books have such twisty storylines I love them....

July 27, 2012
Started it today, finished it today, I really do love me some Mrs. Frost.

I keep reading reviews that make these out to be bad books, and yet i keep finding myself enthralled deeper into this world she has created with such intriguing characters and twisty plots.

To see Vlad enter into the picture, was delicious as always, i actually had read his book first, so to see him banter with Cat n Bones, was awesome.

The loss of some characters, well honestily didnt bother me lmao.

Justina though changed a bit in this book, well back en forth like a see saw, and it was quite entertaining.

I honestily have seen a lot of hate on TATE, but i actually really enjoy his prescence, no he's no competition against Bones, but his loyalty to Cat and now Bones (TO A DEGREE) does carry a bit of the story and make for good twists.

Now Juan, really needs a bigger part, i trip out at his "PIG STATEMENTS", and now it will be even funnier

I did feel bad for Mencheres, he has become a favorite right up there with Vlad and Bones, and his character defiantly had a tough deal this book, especially with Patra

Cant wait to read the next book


The attack of Max against Cat n Justina, had my heart pounding so severely, especially when he ripped her throat out, i wish they would have said what Bones did to him :)