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Lover Revealed - J.R. Ward ok so Butch was one that slowly grew on me, at first i loathed him in book 1, but then once he was in the brotherhood, he grew, his loyalty to the brotherhood, especally V, showed alot of character.

The last book i thought him weak the way he chased Marissa and was enamoured, i dont know why, but it nagged at me.

But this book changed alot of those notions, and now like his brothers before him, he has wooed me, with his strength, his courage and dedication.

Now Marissa, i really didnt like her at first, in the first book she was so weak and i almost thought she was simple minded, and then in this book, she still almost seamed too meak for my liking. But as she and Butch grew...she blossumed, like a flower in the dessert. Her strength, in reguards to her society, her brother, the brotherhood and Butch finally starting showing and though she doesnt measure up to Beth, Mary or Bella, shes not toooo far behind.