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Mockingjay - Collins Suzanne Okay, I adored all three books, different reasons each book.
I have to say I was Team Peeta for most of the book, though I did love Gale and Kat's friendship, I actually wished it could have ended happily, with Gale falling in love with someone else, and Kat getting her love and her friend.


I thought the hijacking of Peeta was tragic and so sad, but it was excellant in another aspect, it really made Katniss think and realize her true feelings for Peeta.

The killing of Prim was defiantly one of the saddest things Ive ever read, all this started for Kat trying to protect Prim.

To me the ending was summed up more than actually written. All this build up and then it fizzled out and just summed up everything, which was disappointing and why it only got 4 stars

I was impressed that Collins realized a war doesnt mean all your favorite characters survive, not a lot of writers are willing to sacrifice fan favorites.

Still this series will go on my booksheleves as a favorite series to be read again later.