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RIDING WITH THE COP (The Pleasure Of His Punishment)
J.S. Scott
A Modern Witch
Debora Geary
Jude Deveraux
Fury of Fire
Coreene Callahan, Benjamin L. Darcie
Rogue Rider
Larissa Ione
Heart of Obsidian
Nalini Singh
The Isis Collar (Blood Singer, #4)
Cat Adams
Archangel's Blade - Nalini Singh So ive loved Dmitri in all the other books, it was interesting to get a book in his life, about more of his past, why hes so cold and sarcastic, why he loathed Elana so deeply.

Honor was an excellent heroine, who grew from scared little rabbit to a woman not afraid of her shadow and not afraid to pursue what she wants

The ongoing story was creative and the reborn angle on Ingreede/Honor was pretty nifty.
Colters' Daughter - Maya Banks okay I was looking forward to this one after Colters' Lady, and the introduction of callie. All fire and temper, just like her daddy Ryan, and yet she just didn't hold out in this book. Her being the submissive wasn't the real problem, it was that she ran from her problems at every turn, she was so prideful and it just bugged me a bit.

Max was defiantly an alpha, but he just couldn't hold a light to the alpahs of the first two books, Callie's brothers and fathers.

Glad I read it for the stories sake and to let it continue on
Black Magic Sanction - Kim Harrison I honestily didn't like this series to begin with, but slowly by book 3 I started liking it, and now I am enjoying them and looking forward to the books.

Rachel is growing up, but shes gotta get off the fence and embrace who she is.

Seeing Ceri was awesome.

Mattalina passing was sad.

Pierce/Rach finally hooked up, YAY, still don't completely trust him.

Glenn/Ivy is really cute.

Trent was well Trent, lmao

Lee made a cameo, it was better than last few times.

Nick, never though I could hate him more. He was just WOW, talk about a slimey bastard
Kiss of Snow - Nalini Singh Sept 2013
okay its official I have an addiction, and sad thing is this will prolly get worse because I JUST GOT THE BOOK IN PAPER FORM INSTEAD OF E-READER....it came today and nothing else mattered but Hawke and Sienna, and I devoured it again. Third time this year, I know prolly once more before end of the year, I need REHAB

July 2013
Okay yes I reread this one again, mainly cause I finally got my hands on Tangle of Need, but need a refresher, okay that's a lie, I just really loved Hawke and Sienna, and event he second time, their story just made me yearn and ache

April 2013
OH wow, talk about a great 10th book. This books couple has been building since book 1 and wow they did not fail to disappoint, the building inferno was soooooo worth the wait....Loved Hawke and Sienna. He can call me baby, bite, hunt and do anything else he wants to do to me
Colters' Lady - Maya Banks This one has an unfair advantage because you get the new coupling of Lilly-Seth-Michael-Dillion AND you get plenty of Holly-Adam-Ethan-Ryan, plus you get Cassie.

I adored this book, I laughed, I sniffled, I coughed, I cracked up.

These brothers struggles to adjust to the fact they were gonna be just like their daddies and mom, was hilarious.

Lilly's past was heartwrenching and soooooo sad. Great Book
The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo - Stieg Larsson This was defiantly an interesting book, watching the movie made the read quicker, parts did drag, like the writer got lost in details, but it wasn't too bad.

Lisbeth was defiantly a stand alone female character.

The two-edged answer to the murder mysteries with a bit of incest and brainwashing was intriguing
Scandal in Spring - Lisa Kleypas okay I will admit I was a little hesitant for Daisy's book, she wasn't really elaborated on too much in past books other than being a reader, dreamer and the few times she got angry over things, plus a male we weren't already introduced to.

I fully enjoyed this book, though at first Daisy's father was just an ass, the moment Matthew and Daisy met it was SPARKAGE.

Lillian pregnant was ROAR lmao, and her protectivness over her baby sister made her very bitchy.

Matthew was willing to go toe to toe with everyone, for the woman he had loved for more than ten years.

His past was sad but added flavor to it all.
Lie With Me - Stephanie Tyler yummy, Cam is everything you expect from a Delta, broody, deep, hard, smart, strong,
Sky is what you expect for a not so likely heroine, recovering from a kidney transplant, no real idea of the world her father has lived/worked and somewhat tried to protect her from.

The sparks are instant, the story is twisty from all the different people's view points on events and necessities.

the ending was left hanging, since they didn't rescue the dr, but hey that means a book 2
Man of My Dreams - Johanna Lindsey this was an interesting one, with a strong female and a strong male, yet both had their soft sides, and this lead to a lot of miscommunication, ALOT.

Enjoyed this read
Devil in Winter - Lisa Kleypas this one carried me from first page to last, I didn't want to put it down. Evie by far the shrinking violet of the wallflowers, quiet with a stutter, a true corner hugger and the devilish, rakish, woman chasing, Sebastion.

Her abuse at the hands of her family, the loss of her father, added three dimensionality.

Him so sure he couldn't love, and yet from the moment she arrives in front of him, she is his everything, way before he even realizes it.

Incrediable Book
It Happened One Autumn - Lisa Kleypas if I thought I loved the first one, then I was obsessed with this one. Marcus was sooo stiff in first book and his contempt for Lillian in that one scene told me that they would have an intense book ahead of them, and it did not disappoint

From contempt to irritating to astonishing to just ravishing to WOW

To find out that Annabelle was pregnant was incrediable.

The introduction of the St. Vincent was very intriguing, especially with the last scene of the book and Evie the shyest and fainter and stuttering one approaching him for a deal
Secrets of a Summer Night - Lisa Kleypas oh I adored Simon from introduction to ending, damn he was well written, alpha in all his scenes, event he romance and tender scenes, his love and need for Annabelle was WOW
She slowly won me over, and by the ending I adored her just as much as him.

the villain Lord Hogehamm or whatever was just nasty and needed more than a stabbing by mama Phillipa

the wallflowers slowly got better, I really like Lillian, shes nice and brassy
Colters' Wife - Maya Banks okay so I normally don't read the short little half reads in between books, but I couldn't help it, these are fast becoming a habit, these raw smut books, I liked this one, it was really short, but it picked up a few months after the first book and showed a very pregnant woman with strong hormones and the three men she loves
Desperate Duchesses - Eloisa James this was an interesting read, I didn't like the lead heroine for most of it. She was a twit, a naïve twit lmao and her foolish look at love and what she wanted, hell she had no idea what she wanted.

Her cousin Jemma was hilarious, her husband a bore.

Duke V was a douchebag...

My favorites were Damon and his son Teddy, they carried the book. His growing lust/love for Roberta and his maneuvering her without her realizing it was priceless.

Ill prolly continue with the series
Conspiracy Game - Christine Feehan oh Jack, twin of Ken (lol), in earlier books I wasn't sure what to make of him. This book, showed him in all his glory. Alpha, stoic, broody, commanding, YUMMY, but he was scared because of his bio dad, of his need for control, his obsessive love, his murderous past.

Enter in Briony, stronger than she gives herself credit for, circus performer, mate for Jack, and damn their tango is steamy. Their cliffs (lol) are heart wrenching through in Whitney's soldiers 2.0 (All brawn no brain) and twin babies, excellent book.

White Crow - Marcus Sedgwick the cover looked great. the summary interesting. the actual pages were words thrown together between covers. the characters flat n unrelatable. the story scattered n flimsy. not impressed