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Lover Avenged - J.R. Ward Ok straight up honest, I wasn't going to keep on with this series, the first 6 books covered my favorite brothers so I was like HMMMM gee DO I HAVE TOO.

Plus in earlier books Rehv just didn't speak to me.

But for some reason the other day I was looking at the bookshelf to pick a new book to read and this was staring at me. So I said what the hell

THANK GOD I DID, I now LOVE ME REHV, damn Ward has this innate ability to create a tortured broody self-punishing sexy motherflycker :)

And to create women you want with them, even with all the mountains they have to cross. I liked Ehlana, even if a little "more innocent" than I normally like, and the naughty nurse cliché was obvious to me as well.

Focusing on the building on John and Xhex, especially with the damn ending of the book, Wrath and Beth, and his now complete blindness..... oh yes this is now a fave